3Play provides powerful audio and video capabilities – but for its primary role, this is not enough. Marking events and clips are likewise vital; unless you have an eidetic memory, and can mentally associate hundreds of events with their timecode, getting that perfect clip on the screen on demand would be very difficult.

Enter “metadata”: in this case, consisting of descriptive comments and identifiers for your clips, added to Memo fields in plain text or using your personal shorthand.

In concert with 3Play’s powerful and easy to use search features, Memo content lets you locate that special clip in moments.

Of course, Memo field content can also be used to help you quickly and easily organize, manage, or publish your data in powerful workflows.

Entering metadata could be very tricky when you are busy marking events. Thankfully, 3Play’s potent TAGS feature and FastClip workflow mitigate this burden, reducing complex Memo entries to a few quick button presses. TAGS are tightly integrated with the search tools, making for a combination of functionality that you’ll find virtually indispensable.

Section 13.1

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