Memo fields allow you to insert text notes or tags to accompany any clip for an event (for more information about tagging, please see Chapter 13). These can identify a player and team, the type of action marked, or any other sort of information that is useful to you. To create a new Memo entry (or overwrite an existing entry completely), simply navigate to the desired Memo field, add text to the dataview (by typing or using tags), and finally press ENTER to confirm the entry and update the Memo. (To cancel without accepting changes, press the ESC key.) There are several ways to add to or modify already existing text in a Memo field. Click the Memo cell with the mouse, or navigate to it using the keyboard or Control Surface; the existing text entry is snapped into the dataview. Then press ENTER (or F2 on the keyboard). The characters of the current entry are selected in the dataview, with the cursor placed to the right of the text, ready for you to make additions or edits.

Section 11.3.3 

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