Managing Events

Events can be trimmed and named as described in prior sections (see Section 8.10). We’ve spoken, too, about managing clip order and tab placement by editing the Event ID (11.3.1). Events can also be re-ordered by clicking anywhere in their row and dragging up or down.

Cut, Copy and Paste functions using the Control Surface or keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + x, Ctrl + c, and Ctrl + v) work just as you would expect, and this offers another way to move events into other tabs. Alternatively, you can access these features from a context menu opened by rightclicking. (This menu also provides Audio Level settings for the recorded events.) See Section 11.1.3 for more.

The CLIP LIST table supports multi-selection as well.

- Press SHIFT when clicking an item to select all items between the existing and newly selected item

- Hold down Ctrl on the keyboard while clicking non-adjacent items to select only those individual entries. Pasted items within the CLIP LIST (and PLAY LIST) will be inserted below the currently selected event row. When dealing with multi-selected items, insertions are made in their original order.

Section 11.3.4 

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