A Tagging Example

Suppose, for example, that you have configured three TAGS tabs as follows:

  • The TAG button is lit on the Control Surface
  • Auto Advance is enabled in the TAGS pane titlebar.

As play proceeds, a player commits a foul, and you press (Mark) OUT to add the event to the CLIP LIST. To build a complete comment for the Memo field for the new event, press the following buttons on the Control Surface:

10203 ENTER

That’s it – you’re done! The current Memo cell now contains the text below:

Home Squires foul

Let’s break this example down, step by step, shall we?

  • “TEAM tab entries are both on the first row, so a single digit completes tag selection. Entering 2 added the tag “Home” (followed by a single space) to the dataview.
  • Auto Advance immediately presented the PLAYER tab, which awaited another valid entry.
  • The next entry (02) identified the second tag in the top row (Squires), and appended it to the dataview.
  • Auto Advance kicked in again, moving us to the ACTION tab, where entering 03 added “foul” to the dataview content.
  • Finally, pressing ENTER updated the selected Memo.

Tip: If you hold down SHIFT when pressing ENTER, the tag is sent to the Memo fields for all angles of the current event, rather than just the current cell.

Experience has shown that the numbers of frequently entered tags soon become so familiar that it’s often unnecessary to even have the TAGS pane open to add the desired metadata to clips.

Section 13.3.2

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