Effect Settings

The settings for transition effects are very simple. Of course the most basic of these is the selection of a specific effect.

Click the small thumbnail effect beside the AUTO button in the onscreen Transition control area to reveal a palette showing nine effect icons for quick access. The features and options provided in this palette are identical to those discussed previously (Section 12.3.7) in connection the very similar PLAY LIST transition effects.

Transition timing for the current effect is set using the menu located just to the right of the effect icon. You can choose S(slow), M(medium) or F(fast) effect speed presets using the menu. Note that the default preset times is automatically adjusted for certain effects, and will also update depending on which effect type you choose. You can also click the value shown to edit it directly with the keyboard, or drag the mouse right or left over it to raise or lower the current value.

Section 14.3.1

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