Replay Desktop Overview

The Replay Desktop requires a minimum screen resolution of 1600 x 1050.

The Replay Desktop provides visual feedback for operations, including monitoring features, clip marking, and so on. By default, it is divided into six horizontal bands (Figure 60).

From top to bottom, these are:

1 - Dashboard

  • Menus (settings and options), quick access to Grab, Record, and timecode

2 - Monitoring

  • Input Monitors - monitor all active inputs for the session
  • Output Monitors - large full-time monitors for Output A and B, with Channel Info displays
  • (Configurable Multiview display on secondary monitor)

3 - Toolbar

  • FastClip toolbar - displays clip /event data and text input, includes Search tools
  • Transitions, Overlays and Transport - playback, program-preview transitions and DSKs


  • Speadsheet style event management; lists marked events as rows with In Point, Out Point and Duration
  • Trim, re-order and organize events in renamable tabs
  • Add unique comments for individual clips (angles)
  • Select and play clips
  • Integral clip monitors show all angles of the current event row simultaenously
  • Search results tab


  • Add clips and other content to create highlights reels, complete with optional transitions and music
  • Export play lists, including transitions and sounds, as rendered clips

6 - TAGS

  • Powerful tagging system; quickly add pre-defined tags to the FastClip dataview for commenting, Search and more


Section 6.1

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