Production Time Display

The control group labeled Production Time Display allows you to enter time values that are specific to the current event. When the Start switch is lit, the time you set in the numeric field at right is used to supply the Production Start time display in Multiview screen layouts that include clocks).

This provides a convenient warning as the time for your event nears. In similar fashion, enabling the End switch and entering an appropriate time displays a countdown to the end of the event (shown once the Start time is surpassed) when clocks are displayed on Multiview.

Tip: You can modify these time values by clicking on them and typing, or by dragging the mouse point left or right over them. Conveniently, you can ignore timecode punctuation when entering numbers if you like: simply type the key digits using 24 hour notation. (For example, to set the time to 5:00.00 AM, press “5”, and then Enter. Or to set the time to 3:30 PM, type “1530” and press Enter.)

Section 7.4.1

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