Macro Playback Speed

You’ll notice that an animated bar in the background of the macro’s entry in the list tracks playback progress. You can modify the playback rate for your macro using the menu in the footer of the Macro Configuration panel. You can even set macros to loop using the button at right.


One option in the speed menu – Snapshot – bears further explanation. When you choose Snapshot as the macro’s ‘speed’, you essentially force it jump to its end result. Any operation that is ultimately irrelevant in achieving that end is simply omitted. You will often Snapshot mode very useful for designing macros that configure 3Play to a particular state.

Hint: You can record a macro that includes other macros. Depending on your order of operations, you may need to re-highlight the newly recorded macro in the list to show its Stop control (to end macro recording).

Section 17.3.1

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