Shortcuts and Triggers

Macros may be executed by menu, keystroke shortcuts, MIDI controller or GPI trigger.

You can readily see the first shortcut assigned to a macro at right in its entry in the lister. (As mentioned earlier, you’ll also see a ‘star’ gadget at right. Click this to add the macro to the Favorites menu, shown when you click directly on the Macro control in the Dashboard. )

To set a new shortcut or modify an existing one, click one of the Shortcut fields in the footer of the Macro Configuration Editor panel; it will display a “Listening …” tag. Then press the desired keystroke (or control surface Macro button combination).

Hint: For clarity, lower-case characters are shown as capitals. True upper-case letters are displayed in the form [Shift + (character)].

Shortcuts are ‘per user’, allowing you to employ your personal favorites without conflicting with the shortcut preferences of other users. Speaking of conflicts, note that assigning a single shortcut combination to multiple macros is supported.

Section 17.4

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