Amp Shortcuts

AMP commands sent to trigger native 3Play shortcut commands of the same sort used by the user interface and Macro system. These shortcuts consist of two parts: a prefix that identifies the target 3Play output channel (A or b); and a suffix constituting the command to be executed. The AMP instruction may also include values, such as unique clip identifiers, similar to 3Play’s Clip IDs.

The supported prefixes are amp_vtr1 and amp_vtr2. These address 3Play’s Output A or B respectively. Supported suffixes are listed in the following table:

_loop bool Changes looping playback status for the playout channel. If no value is specified then looping is toggled.
_play void Play at 1X speed
_stop void Stops playback
_query void Query returns a result (string) identifying the content currently on output and stores it for a subsequent _cue
_cue String Populates a special playlist tab named EXT VTR with a clip or playlist previously identified by a query. (If the value is void, performs a ReCue operation.)
_eject void Clears the current EXT VTR content

Section 17.7.2

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