By way of reminder (as discussed in depth back in Section 2.2.1), an event is not merely a ‘clip’. It can be likened to a ‘time window’ on the complete recording – a synchronized segment of all of the captured a/v streams. The CLIP LIST provides information about the events that have been marked, along with numerous event organization and management features. The CLIP LIST is laid out in tabbed, spreadsheet-style tables. Labels in the header above the table identify the columns below. The columns, in order from left to right, are as follows:

- Event ID – an editable field showing the numeric event row identifier.

- In Point – timecode when the marked event begins

- Out Point – timecode when the marked event ends

- Duration – the total time for the marked event

- (Camera 1 – Camera x) – the Memo fields for recorded clips

Tip: Camera columns can display custom labels when one is supplied in the Name field of the Input Configuration panel for the corresponding source.

Section 11.3

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