Music Tools

At the opposite end of the PLAY LIST titlebar you will see controls that allow the addition of a background music track for highlight reels (Figure 132). The common WAVE and MP3 audio file formats are supported.


Enable the Music Track switch, and select Browse from the nearby drop-down menu to open the custom Media Browser. (After use, the menu lists your most recent selections for convenience.) The Media Browser was discussed back in Section 11.1.5, so we won’t review it again here.

Tip: One useful thing to note is that because the Media Browser is context sensitive, when opened from the Music menu it automatically points to Audio locations in its left column (the Locations List).

The switch at left (of the Music Track label) allows you to toggle playback of your selection on or off. The duration of the file selected is shown at right

Tip: Playback of files that are longer than the playlist duration will be automatically truncated (and faded out) when PLAY LIST playback ends.


More elaborate controls are located in the Music Configuration dialog (Figure 133).

To open the Music Configuration panel, click the configuration button (gear) located to the right of the Music Track menu. The panel contains two controls as follows:

- The numeric Play Start Time control allows play of the selected music file to be delayed until a set time elapses from when PLAY LIST playback is first initiated. This can be useful when, for example, an imported ‘bumper’ clip with its own audio precedes the clips in your highlights reel. Click in the number field to manually edit it using the keyboard, or simply drag the mouse pointer left or right above it.

- The Volume control allows you to adjust the output level of the selected music file.

Section 12.1.4

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