Each clip can be played at its own speed – the range for the control is from 10% to 400%. The numeric slider in the Speed column can be modified in the same ways as the similar audio value control. Even when playback is underway, if you select this cell you can also use the Control Surface number pad to change the current value, pressing ENTER to complete the operation. (Multiple selections are also supported for direct keyboard adjustments.) Also when PLAY LIST playback is underway, you can use the T-bar on the Control Surface to further modify Speed interactively. (This does not overwrite established clip speed settings in the playlist).

Tip: Adjustments made during playback are applied as multipliers for the playlist clip speed. For example, if the set speed for a PLAY LIST clip is 50%, and you further reduce speed by pressing the 50% Speed Preset on the Control Surface, the actual playback rate is 25%

Section 12.3.6

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