Installing Anti Virus Protection

Virus and malware protection software applications can dramatically impact and hinder system performance (hence why Windows Defender™ is disabled).  If anti virus is required on your NewTek device, here are some suggestions for minimizing the impact on live productions: 

  • Always be sure to run scans on external media devices that are part of your workflow.  This includes any type of external USB media storage and drives you may use within a systems hot swap-able bay (if applicable to your hardware).  This lessens the risk of introducing a virus to your system.
  • We suggest you disable all 'active scanning' operations on installed anti virus software.  This ensures the system will not randomly run a scan in the background while in Live Production.  Its advised to opt for manual scans either weekly or monthly (or at a increment of your choice).

Tip: In the unfortunate event that malware does evade defensive measures, you can always use the Restore function to completely rehabilitate your system. The Restore function will rebuild the C drive and reinstall Windows and NewTek system software.

You can find the instructions for the restore process here: Restore Your TriCaster Or 3Play To Factory Defaults

Here is a link to a video showing the general Restore process: How to Restore your system


Current as of 5/24/2019

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