Requirements for connecting the TC1 control surface

Simply connect the TC1LP control surface unit to the same network your NewTek TC1 is on. Both TC1 control surfaces requite a standard, 3-prong AC power connection. The control surface and your TC1 should be connected to the same subnet.

Note: Your network must have a DHCP server available to automatically assign an IP address to the control surface. DHCP servers are commonly available in many network routers, but they are not always included in network switches. Depending on your network configuration, you can connect a router to a switch so that the router can automatically assign IP addresses to the network devices attached to the switch. 

The TC1LP control surface unit connects to your TriCaster using a network connection. In addition to establishing this connection, you need to pair your control surface with a specific TC1 unit as described next.

TC1 systems automatically detect compatible control surfaces on the same network. Often there will only be one such surface, which makes setup easy. At other times, though, you may be in an environment with more than one surface, more than one TC1, or both of these conditions.

To allow you to manage these control connections, a Surface Configuration utility has been included in the list of TC1’s Add-Ons.

  1. Click the Add-Ons button on the main menu on the Home page in TC1’s Startup pane to show the list of installed add-on applications
  2. In the list shown above, select the Surface Configuration link to launch the utility.
  3. The utility will automatically detect and list qualified control surfaces it detects on the network, assigning each an ID number. Note that this ID number is not permanent, and may change as surfaces are added to or removed from the network. The simplest way to make sure you are selecting a specific surface is to temporarily disconnect all other surfaces.
  4. Check-mark the desired entry in the list, and set its Channel option to 1.
  5. Add a unique name or comment in its Memo field. (Afterward, the Memo text will make it easy to tell one surface from the other.)

TC1 will now accept control instructions from the check-marked entry. Note: TC1 communicates with network connected surfaces on channel 1. Any other channel setting will fail.

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