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NewTek 3Play™ is a multi-channel high definition video device supporting simultaneous recording, display and smooth slow motion replay of as many as eight audio and video sources.

3Play’s outputs include professional quality connections capable of distributing two fully independent video channels (designated Channels A and B) to external video systems, such as live broadcast switching equipment.

Alternatively, these two primary outputs support a video switcher style program-preview workflow, complete with transitions, and even overlays. Too, 3Play supports selectively publishing data to internal and external file storage, ftp and social media platforms on the fly.

     Realtime A/V output at a given moment may consist of any combination of the following:

  1. Live video – direct pass-through of an input source
  2. Delayed video – output running somewhat behind live input
  3. CLIP LIST – playback of a timed segments of captured (or imported) media
  4. PLAY LIST – playback of a prepared playlist that may include clips or other imported media and transitions.

Delayed, CLIP LIST and PLAY LIST video streams can also be played back at variable speeds. The standard (NTSC) 3PLAY provides output in popular 1080, 720p, and conventional SD video formats. Multi-standard 3Play™ systems support the equivalent formats for NTSC, NTSC-J and PAL video broadcast standards.

Tip: It’s important to realize that sending Live, Delayed, CLIP LIST or Play List sources to output does not interrupt ongoing capture of live sources.


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