What is an Event?

The operator uses the supplied NewTek 3Play external Control Surface to mark events. Each event entry appears in the CLIP LIST module on the Replay Desktop as a single row of clips identified in the left-most column of the row by an Event ID number and followed by related data.

Events can be thought of as timed segments of the recorded video, created by setting In and Out points as a live production progresses. Newly-marked events are successively added to the CLIP LIST for convenient recall. The (In and Out) timecode values for an event are effectively digital pointers that identify the first and last frames of a specific portion of the recorded footage.

Thus an event is not merely a clip. Think of it as a synchronized time ‘slice’ across all recorded video streams (or ‘angles’, if you like). You can recall and display any clip from an event instantly. This involves sending the stream from a specific camera to one of the system outputs.

3Play normally captures a complete, uninterrupted record of your production. The events listed in the CLIP LIST simply isolate segments in this vast volume of stored information. Add and remove events freely with no fear of losing recorded material. You can even add, remove or reorganize events during recording, or long after your session ends.

Tip: Two different clips from one or more events can be displayed simultaneously using the two outputs.


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