We ran through the basics of starting new sessions and configuring devices back in sections 3.6 through 3.8. (If you need to review this information, go ahead and do so now. We’ll look at these items individually again later in Part II (Reference), too.)

1. On the Startup > Home page, click the New button on the icon ring (Figure 31), and configure a new 1080i session. Name it “Practice Session” (without quotation marks).

Figure 32 – 3Play 4800 shown

Note: For 3Play 4800, we recommend the “Redundant (4 Channel)” Record Mode for most purposes.

2. As part of the session setup process, assign different camera pairs to individual drives, under Storage Volumes.

3. The Startup > Session page will appear when you click the Create Session link at right.

(Glance around this screen, which provides some useful session asset management tools, but we’re going to press on to other features right now.)

4. To move on, click Start Session (Figure 33) to launch the Replay Desktop.


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