13. Watching Channel B, push the STOP button on the Control Surface. Hmmm, that didn’t
seem to work. Let’s try something else.

14. Pull the T-Bar to about the middle of its stroke. Still watching Channel B? See anything
happen? No.

Why did playback ignore our Control Surface operations and continue at normal speed? This is
because we did not first enable recording. Stopping (or jogging) the Speed of a LIVE source
would automatically kick playback into Delayed playback - if it could. However, this requires
3Play to be recording.

Let’s try all of those steps again, after enabling recording. Remember that Speed (for Channel B)
is still set to around 5o% (Channel A is still be at the default speed, 100%)
15. Press the red REC (Record) button on the Control Surface, to enable capture.

Notice that the Record button on the Replay Desktop lights up, and a nearby time counter starts
keeping track of the total video recorded in the current session.

Also, a new ‘single-frame’ duration event row was added to the CLIP LIST, with memo entries
indicating that recording was started (this even is referred to as a “record event”).

Note: Recording is also initiated automatically if you press either IN or OUT. To end
recording, hold SHIFT down while pressing REC.

16. Press STOP – note that video playback on Channel B is arrested (Channel A is unaffected,
and continues playing).

17. Press PLAY. Playback on Channel B resumes in Delayed playback mode, at 1/2 normal

Tip: In this state, the Channel Info pane below the monitor for Channel B a “DELAYED”
label. The timecode field will fall progressively further and further behind Live, thanks to
the slow motion playback speed. The Channel Info pane also shows the active Speed
value as a percentage.

18. Press the T-Bar to the top (100%) setting. Notice that the ‘behind live’ time display
locks, since output (though Delayed, not LIVE) is no longer falling further behind.


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