Replay Desktop

3Play’s live production features are all available from its unique Replay Desktop. The various features, controls and modules on the Replay Desktop are essentially laid out in horizontal bands, as seen below.

  • The uppermost area is the Dashboard, which displays important session information, and provides quick access to key features, including Record, Grab, and various menus.
  • Just below the titlebar are desktop monitors showing 3Play’s video input and output streams. This region of the Replay Desktop also provides some very special features just below the primary output monitors as follows:

 (Figure 4)

  • A Channel Info pane immediately beneath each output monitor lists important data about the video source displayed on that channel (Figure 4).

(Figure 5)

  • Some very important features occupy prime visual real estate in small panes just beneath the Channel Info displays.

A large, high-visibility field at left in this zone is referred to as the FastClip toolbar (Figure 5).

  • Selecting a data field in the CLIP LIST or PLAY LIST snaps its content (whether a Memo entry, Event ID, or time value) into the dataview window in this pane. This value can then be modified by keyboard or Control Surface operations.
  • Dataview content can also be used as criteria for the nearby Go To and Search features (and corresponding Control Surface buttons).

 (Figure 6)

  • Also beneath the monitors are and Transport (Play, Stop, etc.) and Transition controls (Figure 6).
  • The spreadsheet-like CLIP LIST is centrally located (Figure 3). Its multiple tabs (including the Search results tab) and columns help you identify, locate, manage and replay the huge amount of audio-visual data 3Play captures.
  • Just below is the PLAY LIST (Figure 3). Here you can create and control more complex sequences such as highlight reels. These can include imported graphic, animation and video elements, as well as music and full color Animation Store transitions.
  • The Tags pane at the very bottom of the Replay Desktop (Figure 3) makes entering values and comments splendidly quick and convenient.

Hint: The optional Single Pane mode combines the CLIP LIST and PLAY LIST tabs in one pane capable of displaying many more events at once (see Section 6.4.2).


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