Feature - Monitoring

(Figure 7)

By default, the Replay Desktop includes two large output monitors at right, labeled A and B. The area at left shows input monitors as appropriate for the number of sources you have configured for recording, For example, in Redundant (4 Channel) mode operation, four input monitor viewports are displayed.

Tip: The display configuration for 3Play’s secondary Multiview output is governed by controls found in the Output Configuration panel.

Channel Info And Controls

The region of the Replay Desktop just below the primary output monitors also provides some very special features. First, data pertinent to the current video source for each output is displayed in a Channel Info area immediately below (Figure 8) the corresponding viewport.

 (Figure 8)

Tip: Normally, the selected Channel Delegate button on the Control Surface determines which channel – A or B – CS operations are currently governing. Note that you can also delegate a channel using the mouse, by clicking the Channel Info area beneath either the A or B monitor.

A control group located beneath the output monitors hosts Transition, Transport (Play, Stop, etc.) and DSK (Downstream Key, or ‘overlay’) controls.

FastClip Tools

(Figure 9)

You’ll find additional and very important features occupying prime visual real estate just beneath the monitor area (Figure 5). A large, high-visibility window at left in this zone is referred to as the FastClip dataview.

Selecting a data field in the CLIP LIST or PLAY LIST snaps its content (whether a Memo entry, Event ID, or time value) into the dataview. This value can then be modified by keyboard or Control Surface operations. Keyboard and Control Surface entries can also be used as criteria for the nearby Go To and Search features (and corresponding Control Surface buttons).


3Play’s Multiview output commonly serves supplemental control room monitoring needs. External Multiview Workspaces offer many alternatives, including numerous multi-bridge layouts, overlays and Event Clocks. The Multiview layout output is configured using the Workspaces menu in the Dashboard at the top of the Desktop (see Section 6.4.2 for a more thorough discussion).


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