Feature - The Clip List

(Figure 11)

Synchronized segments of the recorded data from all cameras are identified as individual events by setting in and out points. Each marked event occupies one row in the spreadsheet-like CLIP LIST. Events can be rearranged and re-trimmed in the CLIP LIST.

The different sources (or ‘angles’) available for each event (see Section 2.2.1) are presented as labeled columns (Figure 12).

(Figure 12)

Small clip monitors above each column (Figure 13) make it easy to follow the action and select the angle offering the best view of events.


The ‘angle’ columns beneath are actually Memo columns, and allow you to enter comments, tags, and other metadata that, with the Search feature, can help you quickly locate specific views for playback, inclusion in playlists, etc.

The CLIP LIST offers an unlimited number of tabbed pages to help you manage your recorded content. In addition, the CLIP LIST supports the import of media clips as well as still images for various purposes (the PLAY LIST also supports imported files).


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