83. Use the controls in the Audio columns of the PLAY LIST to adjust audio levels for the clips.

84. Click a cell in the Transition column, and choose a different transition from the palette that pops up.

Tip: To select a transition that isn’t currently shown in the palette, roll over one if the nine icons, and click the + sign button that appears to see the Media Browser, which will let pick another transition to replace the current palette entry.

85. Roll the Jog Wheel to move through the PLAY LIST sequence, and watch the output monitor. As play moves from the Out Point of one clip to the In Point of the next, note that the red ‘currently playing’ highlight in the Clip ID column at left tracks the current playback position.

86. Click the Music Track switch in the PLAY LIST titlebar, and then select Browse from the nearby drop-down menu to select a music file.

87. Click the gear button to the right of the music menu to access the music volume control. 88. Press Play, and notice that playback commences from the current position.

Section 4.11.2

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