Having discussed sessions, let’s go on to consider how you create them, and choose which one to work on when you have several to choose from.

This and a few other top level functions are found in the 3Play’s Home page.

This primary screen is the first thing you normally encounter on launching the system. Figure 40 shows the Home page icon ring.


When you click an icon on the ring (such as New or Open), that item advances to the front-most position.

Tip: Alternatively, you can use the keyboard’s arrow keys to cycle through the icons on the ring.

The right-hand pane of the Home page updates to provide options related to your selection on the icon ring.

For example, the first thing you will generally do is create a session. (In anticipation of this action, the New icon is automatically preselected on launch.)

This results in the corresponding session options pane being displayed, as shown in Figure 41 (Multi-standard model options shown).


Section 5.2

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