Disable Hardware Acceleration for RTSP Stream Decoding

This article outlines the process for modifying an RTSP stream so that the TriCaster system will not use hardware acceleration for the stream.  If you are still having issues with certain RTSP streams after making these changes, please reach out to the stream vendor for assistance or the NewTek Forums.

*Please note that this workaround applies only to TriCaster systems on software version 7-4, dated January 2021 and later. 


The processing demands from high-quality video applications and devices have increased in the last few years.  Unfortunately, some streams are simply incompatible with the GPU decoder. We recommend that the originating stream vendors look to solve the compatibility and take advantage of modern GPU decoding. We also understand that users of TriCaster may not have that option and must wait for vendor development cycles. 

Beginning with TriCaster version 7-4 dated January 2021 and later, TriCaster will take advantage of GPU hardware acceleration for all stream decoding.  If a stream is found to be incompatible, you can append the URL with a command that instructs TriCaster to not use hardware acceleration:


(optional components are enclosed in square brackets)



For example, the original URL of:


Would change to:



Current as of 12/21/2020.



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