Live Call Connect - Cropping Callers and Using Pan and Scan Functionality


While there is no direct option to change the aspect ratio in the TC2, one workaround is to use the "Crop Source" feature in the TC2 to emulate a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

To use "Crop Source" select the Gear icon on the relevant Live Call Connect input, choose the "Image" tab, and select the drop-down arrow next to "Crop Source". You can then crop the image by clicking and dragging the slider over the "Left, Right, Top, and Bottom or clicking on the crop value and entering the percentage manually to fit your needs.


Manual Entry Example


More information on Cropping Sources can be found in the TC2 User Guide under Section 8.1.3 | pg.73


In addition, you can also tighten up your image by using "Pan and Scan". To use "Pan and Scan" select the Gear icon on the relevant Live Call Connect input, choose the "Pan and Scan" tab, and adjust your virtual camera's view by clicking and dragging the Zoom toggle first, then manipulate the virtual Pan/Tilt Joystick to obtain the desired view.


More information on Pan and Scan can be found in the TC2 User Guide under Section 8.1.2 | pg.71



*Note- The Live Call Connect software essentially 'scrapes' the video from within Zoom, Teams, and other video conferencing applications on your "App Desktop". Because of this, we recommend using a 4k Monitor for your Live Call Connect Display to provide more viewing space. (The more resolution on the screen, the more resolution for each caller window.)



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