LivePanel Authentication with iOS and macOS Devices

When trying to view LivePanel from an iPad, iOS, or macOS device you may encounter an error similar to the one below.

"authentication is incompatible with your browser. Please disable it by deleting the file "web_passwords" located at C:\ProgramData\\Configuration..."


-This error appears because iOS and macOS devices do not support LivePanel Authentication.

-In order to use LivePanel on your devices, you must disable your LivePanel password in the TriCaster software. You can do by performing the steps below on your TriCaster:

>TriCaster main menu

>Select "Shutdown"

>Select "Administrator Mode"

>Select "Set LivePanel Password"

>Uncheck "Require Password"


After you have unchecked "Require Password" launch a new session and test LivePanel from your iOS or macOS device and you should be able to load the LivePanel webpage.

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