Restore your TriCaster or 3Play to Factory Defaults


Prior to the Restore

We firmly expect you will never need it, but isn’t it good to know that comprehensive TriCaster Restore features are available in the event of an unforeseen problem? A restore will only affect the C partition of your unit, so any media/sessions you have saved on the D partition will not be deleted. The C partition of the system will be formatted and then re-imaged during the restore process so it is important to back up anything from the C partition, custom virtual sets made in Virtual Set Editor, Animation Store Creator,
graphics from LiveText, edits from SpeedEDIT, custom stream settings, or the latest software update for the TriCaster you would like to keep before performing the restore if possible.  Attached to this article is a pdf put together by Newtek Professional Service's Kane Peterson that is a checklist of what needs to be backed up prior to a restore. For instructions on where to locate all of these things to back them up and a more in-depth review of the restore process, you can watch the "How to Factory Restore a TriCaster" video in the NewTekU Free Courses class on Newtek University at


The only components that should be plugged into the unit during a restore are one monitor plugged into the DVI port labeled 'Interface' or an HDMI or Display port that you would connect a monitor to, one keyboard, and one mouse. Please ensure that there are no errant components connected to the unit as this can corrupt your restore and cause your computer to become unresponsive after the restore, in particular the network cable.

The Restore Process

1) Either power the unit up or reboot the unit. As the unit boots up, click Backup and Restore.


Note: If you are restoring a unit running a version of Windows prior to Windows 10, you will need to use the up and down arrow keys to highlight Backup and Restore and then hit the Enter key to select it.

2) Select, "Restore System Partition to Factory Defaults" by hitting the enter key. If you idle at this screen for a bit it will most likely automatically select this.


3) Some Linux processes will run then you will come to a large red Ascii warning asking you to enter Yes to continue. You must type yes exactly as it appears here as it is case-sensitive or it will repeat the question, as shown in the picture. "Yes" will begin the restore.


4) The restore will run and a progress bar will fill up. This can take anywhere between 5 minutes to 15, depending on the model. When the restore completes, your screen will look like this.


At this point, hold down the power button of the unit until it turns off, then power it back on.

After The Restore

After the restore, the unit will most likely need to be re-registered, so may need to contact Newtek Support to have this done. Newtek Support can be reached through whichever means you have access to based on your level of Protek Coverage as outlined here;


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