Input Connections: A/V Sources- 3Play 4800/440

External audio and video sources are connected to the appropriate inputs on 3Play’s backplate.

FIGURE 1 – 3PLAY 4800

FIGURE 2 – 3PLAY 440

  1. Connect video sources to the appropriate connectors in the VIDEO IN section, whether SDI, Component, Y/C (S-Video) or Composite (may require RCA to BNC adapter).

    a. SDI – Attach the SDI source connectors to BNC connectors marked SDI in the Video In group.
    Tip: If your equipment supports SDI, this is your best quality I/O option.

    b. Component – Attach the appropriate BNC connectors from your sources to all three analog BNC connectors (labeled Y, Pb and Pr) in each column in the Video In group.

    c. Y/C – If your S-Video equipment and cabling has the usual 4-pin mini-DIN connectors, you will need an S-Video to dual BNC adapter. To connect Y/C sources, attach the Y (luma) connector of your source to the second analog BNC connector (labeled Pb). Attach the source’s C (chroma) connector to the bottom connector (labeled Pr).

    d. Composite - Attach the composite source’s connector (may require an RCA to BNC adapter) to the second connector (labeled Y).
    Note: The video broadcast standard (such as NTSC, NTSC-J or PAL) of all video sources connected for a given session must be the same.
  2. To input analog audio along with the video, connect the external audio sources to the XLR or ¼” connectors in the Audio In group box. Two connectors, labeled “a” and “b”, are provided for each input group.

Digital Audio Note: To connect AES/EBU (a.k.a., AES3) audio source, use the BNC connectors in the Digital Audio (AES) section. SDI video sources with embedded audio do not need a separate audio connection.

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