How do I - Prepare a Highlight Reel? 3Play 4800/440

1. Select clips for events you want to include in the CLIP LIST and press ADD TO PLAY LIST to add them to a page in the PLAY LIST module.
2. Drag clip entries up or down in the PLAY LIST table as necessary to place them in the order you want them to play.
3. Optionally, re-trim the clips, to taste.
4. Adjust level controls for embedded audio in the Audio columns (see User Guide Section 12.3.4), Transition Rate (Section 12.3.7) and Speed (User Guide Section 12.3.6) for individual or multi-selected clips.
5. (Optional) Enable the Music Track switch in the PLAY LIST titlebar and load a music file using the nearby menu (see User Guide Section 12.1.4). Adjust its level by clicking the Music Configuration button (gear) at right.

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