Loop Testing Video Input and Output

Issue: How can I go about testing my inputs and outputs without a camera handy?

Solution and Workaround:

A loop can be set up as a quick way to test inputs and outputs on the TriCaster when additional equipment is not available. It can be done as follows:

  1. Load a clip into the DDR
  2. Set the DDR as the source for both Program and Preview on the Switcher.
  3. Set the DDR to loop and click play.
  4. Now connect your Video out of the TriCaster to one of the Inputs. If at first you do not see any video make sure your input is set to receive the video type you are plugging in.

  • If it still does not work try changing which Output you are connected to.
  • Now try a different input.

Using this method and checking the digital monitors will help you see if your inputs and outputs are working and to an extent the quality of the feed you should see from your camera.

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