3Play4800/440 How do I connect monitors?

To connect the primary Interface monitor which will display the user interface of the 3Play software, with the power off connect an external computer monitor to the port labeled Interface. Use a suitable adapter if necessary for your monitor.

To add on a secondary monitor for Multiview function, connect the external device to the Multiview output on the backplate using an appropriate cable and/or adapter if required.

After launching a 3Play session, you should see the user interface on the monitor connected to the Interface port. To configure what you see on the monitor connected to the Multiview port, open the Output Configuration panel.  In the Aux/Multiview tab, set Resolution for Multiview to match the native resolution of the external device. Select your preferred display from the Layout menu in the same group. (NOTE: Changing Output Resolution can cause frames to be dropped briefly. We do not recommend changing this setting during live production.)

For Output Video Monitors/DEVICES
Downstream video devices you wish to send 3Play output to must be compatible with the video broadcast standard (such as NTSC or PAL) and format (SD or HD) of the current 3Play session.
1. Connect cables between downstream devices (whether monitors or other devices) and appropriately labeled video output connectors on the backplate (see User Guide Section 3.5.1).
2. Open a 3Play session (or create a new one) from the 3Play Startup Screen.
3. For SD sessions and display devices, you may need to adjust the connection options found in Output Configuration:
a. Double-click one of the output monitors to open the Output Configuration panel.
b. Click the appropriate output tab (A or B), and select either ‘Composite + Y/C’ or Component, according to the connection type used by your device. (Please see User Guide Section 3.7 for more information.)

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