NDI Network Quality of Service

Quality of Service (QoS) is a set of standards and mechanisms that provide a required level of service for network traffic over various technologies. The primary goal of QoS is to determine the priority of specific types of data, ensure sufficient bandwidth and, in some cases, control jitter and latency. Using QoS technology can deliver control over resources and make the most efficient use of the network, especially in cases where integrated data flows are required.

It is beyond the scope of this paper to determine specific QoS configurations and tools, as NDI does not require the use of QoS to function. However, specifying devices using NDI as real-time data flow on the network can optimize transmission. For environments where the coordination of multiple types of data is required, adhering to the following industry guidelines is recommended:

  • Loss should be no more than 1%.
  • One-way latency should be no more than 150 ms.
  • Jitter should be no more than 30 ms.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth of 70 Mbps per stream required
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