TriCaster Advanced Edition Frequently Asked Questions- Recording Channels and Isocorder

So I’m losing recording channels?

While it is true that the baseline number of recording channels is now 4 for each TriCaster system with Advanced Edition software installed (including TriCaster 8000 and 860), recording channels aren’t necessarily being removed—they are simply being reassigned to a separate application and relocated to external hardware, which is where most TriCaster-recorded content eventually ends up anyway. In fact, between your TriCaster system and the included NDI IsoCorder Pro app, you can actually have up to 20 recording channels available for any production (depending on external hardware and storage capacity), along with increased workflow efficiency and automation with MAM systems. And that can be further increased with NDI IsoCorder Pro (or the free NDI IsoCorder app) installed on multiple external machines.


We understand that this will require workflow adjustments for some users, but we are confident that this will be a welcome change for many TriCaster Advanced Edition customers who utilize production and storage workflows both common and complex.

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