TriCaster Advanced Edition 2 Frequently Asked Questions- Network Inputs

Are NET inputs are going away?

Yes and no. NET inputs are being removed, but in their place, you have 4 new, NDI-compatible inputs that support IP video workflows. On top of that, each of the primary switcher inputs is also NDI-compatible, meaning every external input on the switcher supports IP connectivity. So, in effect, you have up to 8 or up to 12 inputs that support video over the network (depending on your system).

 Additionally, in transitioning from AirSend technology to the NDI protocol for IP networking, native support for select network sources, including Apple AirPlay, external HTTP, RTSP, and RTMP streams, and direct camera input over IP (ex. JVC and Panasonic) is no longer available. There are alternative methods available to enable similar functionality and workflows, specifically using NewTek’s new NDI Scan Converter and NDI VLC Plugin apps (both available free of charge) with external hardware.

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