Streaming - Windows Media Pull

If you are streaming internally (to people in your building or inside your own corporate firewall), Pull streaming may provide the easiest approach.  With Pull streaming, there are typically bandwidth constraints which may affect the stream when when more than a few users are viewing at once.  If this is a concern, you might want to opt for a commercial streaming service provider.


Setting up a Pull Stream

For a Pull connection type, the Location field attempt to automatically display the internet address you would provide viewers (or your streaming service provider). This is the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your system on the Network. 

Entering this address into the File menu of Windows Media Player will direct the player to show the stream from your system on other systems connected to that Internet. You will also need to select a suitable profile from the Resolution menu in the Streaming panel. Once you have the details selected, close the Streaming panel and select the Stream button to begin the stream.  






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