Troubleshooting Flash Media Encoder Terminated Prematurely on SD TriCaster

-Problem Description
When working under the Live Production tab on an SD TriCaster, the following error message appears after clicking on the stream button:
“Flash Media Encoder Terminated Prematurely”

Steps to Fix/Workaround
Here are a list of things to check that may generate this message:
Check the Location, Stream ID, and password provided by your CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Be very careful when inputting information. The Location and Stream ID are both case sensitive; even one case wrong can cause your stream to not work.
Check the profile you are using to stream, whether it is VP6, H.264, or a custom profile.
If using a custom profile, select a stock NewTek profile that was pre-loaded on the TriCaster and try streaming again.
If using an h.264 profile, check if the option “Write to Disk” is highlighted, if so, deselect it and test your stream again.
Check to make sure Flash Media Encoder has not been updated manually.
The best way to check your version of Flash is to exit to the Admin Mode, click on All Programs, then click Adobe, then click Flash Media Live Encoder. Once the program launches, click the Help drop down menu and select About.
The Flash Media Encoder version included with the latest 2.5 update from NewTek is version 3.0.1
Verify your Internet Connection.
You can do this by Exiting to the Admin Mode, then opening Internet Explorer and navigating to
Check your network to make sure the ports necessary for Flash Media Encoder to stream are open.
Ports 1935; TCP and UDP, 80; TCP, 8134; TCP, 1111; TCP and UDP
You may need to contact your Network Administrator to verify these ports are open.
If you’re still experiencing problems, restore your TriCaster and install the latest update available at Follow the instructions in the Restore TriCaster article in the Knowledge Base.

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