TriCaster Studio/Broadcast- Unit restarts after BIOs before Windows

-Problem Description

TriCaster Broadcast or TriCaster Studio, unit reboots before starting Windows or may even cut to BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Using the restore feature does not correct this.

-Verifying and Reproducing.

  1. Start up unit.
  2. Does it restart after POST(Power On Self Test) and before it can bring up the Windows start screen? If yes then follow the rest of the document.

    Correcting this problem involves going into the BIOS to change the SATA Hard Drive setting from AHCI to IDE in the Advanced Menu options this can be done as follows:

    1. If the system is off press the Power Button on the front to turn it on, or if it is already on Restart the system, then press ‘F2’ on the keyboard to enter the bios.
    2. Once the BIOS menu is up use the “arrow keys” to select “Advanced” from the menu across the top of the screen.
    3. Use the “Down Arrow” to select “Drive Configuration” and press“Enter”.

      4.  Once in the “Drive Configuration Menu” use the down arrow again to select “Configure SATA as” and press “Enter”

      5.  From the next menu select “IDE” from the list and press Enter.

      6.  Now press F10, when prompted select Yes

      To test the changes, restart the system and if it boots normally all is well.

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