TriCaster SD - iVGA and Bandwidth

What do I need to know about bandwidth and iVGA?

In a nutshell, changing images takes bandwidth, and stills take near zero.When an image is swapped there is a momentary burst in bandwidth usage, the amount depends on the complexity of the image. For example, more organic photos filled with varying shifts of hues take much more bandwidth than a simple gradient or CG style background.

Essentially the more complex the image, the slower the source video card is, or the slower the speed of connection the more latency you can expect. A common bottleneck would be the graphics card over network bandwidth available (with the exception of wireless). A modern VGA adapter (ti4200 or better) will provide very good results, and a new VGA adapter (ti6200 or better, ATI X300 or better) will provide fantastic results. Embedded graphics adapters using shared memory will only provide acceptable results for stills or lower resolutions. 802.11b (11mb) will only provide acceptable results for stills at lower resolutions. 802.11g (54mb) will do MUCH better, but there will still be some latency. Wired will obviously provide the best results.

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