LiveText Missing UI Scoreboard Features

Problem Description

Scoreboard options are missing from the LiveText user interface.

When right clicking on the LiveText interface, there is no context menu. This is usually reported after a LiveText reinstallation or when migrating software to a new PC.

Steps to Fix / Workaround

These features are not designed by NewTek and are part of a 3rd party program called "LT Scoreboards" that integrates into LiveText as a skin. When the skin is installed, and the user right clicks on the UI outside of the Edit Page area, the following context menu will appear:

When one of the skins is chosen, it causes significant changes to the appearance of the LiveText interface as shown below:

Restoring the LiveText scoreboard skins can be done by rerunning the installer that was provided usually along with the initial installation of LiveText. For the products that appear in the above pictures, if this installer has been lost, please contact the developer at and use the support contact forms listed there. If this information does not help, please contact the reseller that installed or provided the software originally. Reseller information can usually be found using our reseller locator page

For more information about 3rd party graphics software, please see our Developer Network Page:



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