TriCaster Mini Control Surface; brown tinted edges on hardware

TriCaster Mini Control Surfaces may notice that the vertical edges around the keys, T-bar, and screws are brown in color as shown in the picture below.  This brown hue is a normal byproduct of the laser-based process used to manufacture these components and appears exclusively on the vertical, non-viewable surfaces during standard operation. Excess color is also deposited on the protective cling film that covers this poly carbonate surface.  The discoloration is quite evident.  Removing the plastic film from the control surface will lessen the appearance of color on the top of the control surface, the inner edges near the T-bar and other vertical, non-viewable edges will still have a brown hue. This is considered normal and does not affect the equipment performance.

Control Surface with Protective Film intact:

Control Surface with protective film removed:

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