Any external Switcher input can be flexibly assigned to either an NDI source from the network, or (as before) a local source connected to one of TriCaster’s hardware input connectors.

In a departure from prior practice, hardware sources can now be re-ordered on the Switcher. Likewise, rigid ordering of audio and video input sources (e.g., audio input 1 and with video input 1 being inextricably linked) is no longer enforced.

The assignment of one of the various supported source types to a Switcher button (e.g., “Input 1” on the Switcher) is made in the Input Configuration panel (Figure 58), introduced back in Section 3.11. 

Figure 58

Open Input Configuration by double-clicking a monitor view-port, or right-clicking a Switcher input button.

In the case of an NDI source, no further settings are required. If the video source is local, and supplied to one of TriCaster’s hardware connectors, additional information is needed in some cases.  Before going on to discuss Hardware Configuration (Section 8.1.7), however, let’s explore other features located in the Input Configuration panel.


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