TriCaster’s internal Frame Sync is enabled for all sources by default, allowing you to work with a wide array of potential video sources without concerns about video timing.  For TriCaster 460, 860 and 8000, it is possible to ensure the very lowest possible throughput latency for genlocked sources by disabling Frame Sync.  Sources with Frame Sync disabled must be genlocked, and further, must be ‘in phase’ (within 180° of the current switcher output); otherwise, video from the source will simply not be visible.


Figure 59

In practice, then, disable Frame Sync for your genlocked sources, adjust the Phase setting (see Section 8.2.3) until video is displayed and you should be all set.

Note: If Frame Sync is enabled or disabled for one source in a ‘Fill + Alpha’ input pair, the Frame Sync


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