The next tab in the Input Configuration panels is where TriCaster’s powerful realtime keying system for live production, LiveMatte, is configured.  Keying is a popular and powerful method of compositing multiple images, whether photos, video clips or live camera streams.


Figure 63

The process involves eliminating a portion of the image (effectively cutting a digital ‘keyhole’ in it) to reveal a user-defined background scene.  It also plays an important role in the workflow of LiveSet, TriCaster’s powerful virtual set technology.

LiveMatte’s controls are deceptively simple, making a great deal of complex digital manipulations easy to use.  Even so, much can be said about getting the best results.  For that reason we’ve devoted a whole chapter in this manual to discussing it – please see Chapter 13, LiveMatte .

Hint: When LiveMatte, Proc Amp, or Crop settings are active for a source, bright green, blue and yellow indicators are lit under its monitor.



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