It is very common for a source to be supplied with unintentional inclusions; these are often items that remain after chromakeying is applied, but which need to be removed along with the background. (Common examples include microphones or lighting fixtures dangling from above, or perhaps a harsh crease, blemish or tear in the background screen.)  Or, as is frequently the case, the source video itself may have a few pixels of black or video ‘noise’ along one or more of its edges.

Cropping settings in the Edges control group can be used to remove such unwanted ‘garbage’ from the scene, or used independently for other purposes – such as to isolate some portion of the screen for use as a ‘Picture in Picture’ overlay source.

Figure 64

Essentially, the numeric controls in this group allow you to define independent margins for the frame.  Drag left or right on the number fields to adjust the values interactively, or double-click a field to type a value using the keyboard.  The region defined by these controls will be completely cropped.  Use the Feather setting (TriCaster 8000, 860, 460 only) to soften the edges.

Hint: For added convenience, similar cropping tools are available separately in the Position panels of DSK channels and M/Es.

Section 8.1.4

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