(TriCaster 8000, 860 and 460 only) The Tracker tab provides control over TriCaster’s realtime motion tracking features.  This feature allows you to choose a colored region of the video frame using tools similar to those found in the LiveMatte tab (Section 8.1.3). 

The tracked region is defined by choosing a primary Color using the color picker tool. The Tracker follows this region as it moves and shifts within the frame over time, and outputs the motion data to TriCaster.

In turn, Tracker output from one source can be used to control the placement of other video sources configured to do so in their individual Position panels (supplied wherever appropriate in DSK controls and M/E panes).

Adjusting Tolerance

Click the eyedropper, keep the mouse button depressed, and drag the pointer over top of the monitor showing the source you want to track (Figure 67). The color swatch updates constantly as you drag, until you release the button to make a selection.

TriCaster makes it easy for you to adjust the Tracker settings by making it possible to see the result of your attempts in its monitors. Right-click on a monitor and select Tracking Markers from the Overlays options group in the menu. A yellow-shaded rectangle is overlaid on the video using the current settings. 

Watch how this overlay is affected by adjustments you make to the Tolerance value for the Tracker.  Raise or lower the Tolerance value until the result is steady, not jittering or jumping about.

Figure 67


The Smoothness setting works just like the LiveMatte feature with the same name.  Its impact on tracking data output is minimal, but it is often important when used with the Advanced Tracking effect in M/E panels (see Section 14.2.2).


At right are controls that permit you to Lock certain Tracker attributes (Figure 68):

  • Lock Scale to prevent the Tracker from automatically compensating when the scale of the tracked region grows or shrinks during motion.


  • Likewise, when Rotation is locked, the orientation of Tracker output is constrained.

The Aspect Ratio lock forces the Tracker to conform to a square (1:1), or rectangular (4:3 or 16:9) shape.

Hint: Generally, locking channels in this manner make it easier to obtain a very steady motion track; but just as often, your choices will be dictated by creative requirements.

Limit to Region

The Tracker is designed to follow the largest shape in a frame that meets the defined color criteria. At times, similar colored articles or inclusions in the frame can interfere with Tracker output. 

The settings in this group allow you to limit the area of the frame the Tracker monitors, which can help you sidestep this issue.

We’ll discuss the application of the Tracker’s data stream when discussing the Positioner tools.

Figure 69

SECTION  8.1.6 

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