TriCaster 40 and Streaming with UStream

Streaming to UStream is a fairly straight-forward process.  This article covers setting up a new connection and using UStream as your desired CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Collecting setup information from Ustream:

Ensure you have an active Ustream account and Channel to use for your broadcast. You will need both the RTMP URL and the Stream Key from your Channel page to enter into the TriCaster Streaming configuration panel. This information can be found by going to and logging into your profile.

1) Once logged into your account, access the Dashboard from your Profile menu options.  (Located to the left of the Go Live option.)


2) Once in the Dashboard, click the 'Create Channel +' button and this will provide another list of options.


3) Select Remote and then Broadcast Settings.  Note the RTMP URL and Channel Key (we refer to this as the Stream ID in our documentation). This is the information we need o


Setting up a New Connection within the TriCaster Software:

1) In TriCaster open up the “Stream Configuration” panel by clicking on the gear icon next to “Stream”:

2) In the upper-left there is a field labeled “Connection” and to the right of this field is a button labeled “New” click on it.

3) A small dialogue box will appear asking you to “Choose a Connection Type”. Click on “Adobe Flash” and on “OK”.

4) In the name field for the connection, you can name your “New Connection” something more appropriate. In the home field type

5) Below the home field is a pulldown menu called “Stream Profile”, choose a resolution from the list that you would like to use for your stream.

6) Enter the RTMP URL into the Location field and the Channel Key into the Stream ID field.


Entering the User Name and Password for a CDN is not always necessary so if you have issues with the fields populated, remove those two entries.  You are now ready to Stream.

*Updated 2/6/19


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