Act as Alpha

TriCaster 860 band 8000 optionally allow one or more neighboring pairs of video inputs to be combined as a single ‘video + alpha’ channel (sometimes also referred to as “fill and matte”).

The ability to configure one input as the alpha channel source for another is invaluable for installations employing traditional video feeds from high end external CG and chromakeying systems (some third-party systems now provide NDI output with embedded alpha channel, making this older method unnecessary and eliminating the need to sacrifice an extra input).

To use this feature, select Act as Alpha Channel for Input (#) as the Connection Type in the Input Configuration panel for an even-numbered input (feature not supported by TriCaster Mini).

Figure 72

Note: The input configuration (video format and connection type) for the alpha input is automatically configured to match the fill source it is paired with.


Figure 73


SECTION 8.1.7 

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