TriCaster XD series- Designating Swappable Images in Title Pages

On occasion a title page is created with the intent of having an image act as a placeholder for another graphic to be introduced later. The title pages that ship with the TriCaster 450,455,850 and 855 already have such templates available. BUT if a user wants to create their own template with this ability how can it be done? See the following solutions.

Scenario 1 - creating a page from scratch with a swappable area.

  • If you are in the process of making the template with a region you want to pre-designate swappable the key is in the naming of the file. Your image needs to have "_placeholder" at the end of the file name. This is something you will want to do prior to using the image in your template. You can do this afterward but make sure to save and test.

Scenario 2- I have a template already created and exported with an area I want to make swappable.

  • This is fine, you can still toggle a graphic even if you have a template exported and being used in the live panel. What you will need to do is go into the Titles bin and click on the GEAR for the template in question. Now once the panel is open hold SHIFT and LEFT-CLICK on the image you want to have swappable. A yellow border will now appear when you hover over the graphic. If you click on the image now it should open a filebin so you can select an image.

You could also turn off this functionality by repeating the process.


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