Audio and video arriving at TriCaster inputs will maintain sync throughout the system to output or recording. However upstream issues can occasionally cause video to arrive at TriCaster’s inputs later than the corresponding sound.

SDI output from a camera can include embedded audio. When captured this way, there is little reason to worry about sync between the audio and video.
However if a separate analog option is used (such as XLR), then sync issues can occur. This is because the audio is coming straight out of the source (Mic, Mixer, etc) and into the recording system while the video from the camera still needs to be processed by the camera before being output. The effect of this delay will be indicated by the audio leading the video sometimes by several frames.

Be mindful of this in situations where there appears to be a sync issue. Check the configuration being used and act accordingly.

To mitigate this sort of external problem, TriCaster provides an adjustable Audio Delay setting.

Section 15.7.1

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